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LaFoley's Wood Fired Ovens

For locals of Big Sky and Bozeman, the sight of the LaFoley Kitchens pizza truck is a familiar and welcome site. From farmers' markets to private events, the truck has the siren call of an ice cream truck, evoking mouthwatering images of savory artisan pizzas prepared over an open flame. 

The orange-and-wood exterior of the classic Chevy flatbed houses a genuine Mugnaini, the gold standard of wood-fired ovens. Book the LaFoley truck for your event or celebration, and experience decadent comfort food prepared in iconic style. 



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Sample Menu

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Hotcakes & Sausage

Cornmeal and molasses hotcakes served with sweet fennel pork sausage.

Buckwheat Cakes with Honey

Two thick buckwheat cakes served with honey and our signature sassafras-infused whipped cream. Fresh fruit additional.

Steel Cut Oatmeal

Served with molasses, bananas, and fresh berries.

Corned Beef Sandwich

Clove-rubbed corned beef and coleslaw between two pieces of cowboy fry bread. Served with a side salad or fried potatoes.

Wild Turkey Club

Thick cuts of roasted wild turkey, wild onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and black bread.